Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Psalms 46:10
Do we really even know God the way this verse reads? I mean there aren't that many words here and they are simple. Be still and know that I am God.

Christianity can be a very confusing, mixed up word for being followers of Jesus, believers of God.  The word falls under a big umbrella that covered a multitude of dysfunctions within our faith and our society.  Years ago I stopped using "I'm a Christian" unless I had to and moved to "I'm a follower of Jesus".  To me, being a Christian was too general and over used.  I wanted people to understand I had a relationship with Christ and not just some fly by night religion.  I wanted people to see a difference in my life through what I believed, who I was following, what brought JOY in my life and how I got through the journeys in my life. How did I get to this place of being a follower and handing over my whole life to the one I was following and really having a relationship with Jesus?

By being STILL and allowing Him to show me who he really was!

At 5 I asked Jesus in my heart! I truly had the faith of a child. Some people trying to tell me later in life that there was no way I could understand salvation.  They were right, I didn't understand Salvation.  I did understand God's love for me in bringing His son down to earth who died for my sins and rose again.  I did understand I had sin in my life and that I could confess those sins and I would live eternally.  All the other stuff came later and that is how God works.

Somewhere down the road I lost that child like faith.  Not over night, but small pieces over the years.  I was running from stillness and losing sight of who God was.  I was blending into what I call is a bland Christian.  I looked, acted and resembled the same weak version of what the world thinks Christianity is that so many Christians fall into. I had stopped listening for God's voice and I didn't really know Him in my life the way he wanted me to know Him.  I was shallow and not a good representation of who He was.  Then one day he caught up with me.  BE STILL! BE STILL!

God stopped me because he wanted to give me a chance to know who He was again.  I needed to be still and listen to what he was trying to tell me so he could change my path and pull me back to my child like faith.  I needed to know who he was from inside out and get back to being in a relationship with Him.  When he finally reached me I became a follower of Jesus and not just a general christian who was weak, faithless and living in hopelessness.  I began listening to him, talking to him and gave him my whole life and not just parts of it.  I didn't just see Him in my turmoil but every day.  It changed my life and how I know Him today.

Read Psalms 46:10 today and stop, sit and listen.  Listen to see if God is trying to break through and share something within you that you could be missing.  Have a BE STILL moment and see if God changes you.  I know he will!  I know because he has changed me!

Not a gifted writer just my logic for the day!

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