Thursday, August 13, 2009

Galatians 1 - Dieting?

This morning I decided to head over to Ephesian for devotions. Once I got over there I saw Galatians and thought hm, I'll just start there. Not really knowing why there, just doing it.

So I started with Galatians 1 and read. It started out with a greeting from the Lord, Paul's new life then went into why he was doing what he was doing and that by no means was he trying to please men but to please God! Then he ended with If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ!

See that's not new to me! I totally understood it the same way I've always read it but today something was added. Keep in mind that I was going to read Ephesians but apparently God directed me to Galatians. Was it for the actual scriptures? Yes and No!

Once I stopped at the end of the chapter I began to read the side notes that came with my new bible. Here is what it read:

Paul was intent on please God --not others--so he didn't change his message to please the crowds. what does this have to do with dieting?

That's where I went WHAT? What does that have to do with dieting or where did it even say I was looking for something on dieting? They really pulled that one out of the blue!

Reading on:
Because we like how it feels when people notice and say we look others will find us more we can win their approval.

But God wants us to focus on pleasing him. Women diet for many reasons, Ask yourself: When I diet, is my goal to gain human approval or to please God by improving my health?

OK, I wasn't heading in that direction today. I have been almost every other day but not so much today. I mean every day I start a new diet and I fail, I lose sign of my goal and I quite hoping to start back the next day.

I really didn't know what my true goal was. In my head I've always said I'd feel better but I wanted to look better to. But today God opened a new door of thinking for me. It's not about how I look to others it's about what I do with this body he has given me and honor him by making myself as healthy has I can for him.

I had the wrong goal. I didn't know I had such a desire to please others when I was dieting. I really hadn't thought about it that much. But I did like the notices. Who wouldn't like it when someone told you, you look good? But maybe I liked that more than I was even willing to admit and put more on that then I should have? People's approval matter to me, always has! So, dieting fits right into that bad thinking.

God clearly directed me to Galatians today. I have a new goal! A goal to please him in my dieting and forget about appealing to others. That's going to take some work I'm sure to keep reminding myself that my focus is not how I look but how I'm making myself healthier because God is asking me to be healthy to continue serving him as I know I've been called to do.

Let's take this challenge together!