Sunday, March 08, 2009

Back In The States! I had some time to spare and decided to once again changed my blog. I keep thinking it's going to motive me to write something really creative but so far I can't seem to really get motivated here on Blogger.

I just got back from Denmark a few days ago and the sleeping thing has got me but I think I'm finally bouncing back. It was great to visit like always but there always seems like something is missing there. Well actually there is a someone missing and that's God. Denmark feels like such a lonely place for people. There's not a lot of peace, hope or love. There's a lack of emotions. Even Jan my hubby can feel and see it all around him.

People are honored for what they have or accomplished rather than just saying hey I love you to them. They just can't seem to bring those words out regularly.

Going to Denmark revives me to work at growing closer to God and what he has called me to do because...I'm free to do that! Not all nations are and I want to take advantage of my freedom to do so and reach others for Christ. I get ready for this next tour I'm praying for God to do some big things with the people that come our way. I want to see lives changed. Not by me but by him. I'll let you know how it goes or I'll at least change my template again. LOL!