Friday, November 14, 2008


I haven't taken the time yet to count how many concerts I have done this year. I can say that I never ever expected to do what I've been doing in the last few year. I just wanted to be faithful. All I wanted to do was use the talent I was given. I knew I wasn't the best singer ever, I know I didn't fit a lot of things people tried to tell me I had to be. I knew I had passion and desire. I knew that all I ever wanted to do is reach people and use my talent to do that. I was reflecting. God has been so good to me. I don't take what I do for granted. I'm humbled that he's allowing me to serve him. I've worked hard to get to this place along side him. I'm just so excited to be where I am and do what I do.

Last week on tour Beth and I spent lots of hours in the car. We wrote I believe 3 songs. Three GREAT songs. I know GREAT! I know the difference between ok, good and great. I don't push my songs because I know the difference. God placed Beth and I together for so many different reasons. We haven't figure them all out but you can see it in the writing, in the serving and in the heart of what we have been called to do. But more importantly you can FEEL it. You can feel God's arms around what we are doing. There is joy and peace and love all wrapped up in this journey.

So what am I saying? I love this place I'm at right now. It's peaceful!
Thank you God for investing in me and allowing me to serve you in the way I get to serve you.

I pray that all of you at some point in your life get to experience the closeness of serving your maker as I have. Invest yourself in people! When you do you'll see a return you can't explain.