Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hubby's Golfing With A Friend!

Yep...Jan just walked out the door to golf! He hasn't done this for a long while so this is what I'm going to expect when he get's back!

I stunk! LOL!
I'm almost sure he's not going to do well and he'll be unhappy with his swing or putting. But...why? It's not like he put time into it. It's not like he's a professional or goes out that much to really get better. But...for some reason he expects to be surprised with a good game.

We want results with little work! That's our society today. Show up and hope we look like the best! golf that's not going to work. In most things that's not going to work. So...why is it we keep aiming for that over and over with no change or time applied to making us better?

I want to be the BEST christian I can be! I'm sure you do too! Yet for many of us(me included at times) we show up for the day hoping someone will see us as the best christian without putting the work into it. Day in and Day out we show up for a day doing the same thing but not applying God's word to our life. If we don't take the time to read the word to see how God would have us grow for that day it's just as bad as my hubby showing up to play golf and expecting to do well.

Just a reminder to change a bad pattern that might be in your life. Starting off every day in the wrong way won't achieve the right goals.

The Bible!

Read it! :)

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