Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I can't believe we are at this road again. Ohio was hit with a huge storm on Wednesday Jun 22 and I'm told it was a 500 years storm(whatever that is) Anyhow we ended up with 4 ft of dirty water in our basement. Last time this happened I only saw what it left behind. This time I was down in the water trying to move in waist deep water screaming on the inside "this can't be happening again." I have to say that I've been having this pitty party. Why would God let this happen to ME again? Like...I'm the only one in Sylvania dealing with this. But wait...I'm a Christian! God loves me! I serve Him! Shouldn't he send the water in a different direction for me?
Well...it would have been nice but...it didn't happen. Once I sat back and realized that there were others even worst off them me I started settling for well...it could have been worst. And the bottom line is...it could have been! I lost my keyboard(piano) in the flood. It's more about a huge amount of work issue that I don't know if we can keep up with but...already we've had a couple of friend step in to get the water out and tomorrow the walls will be ripped out. I know that God allows stuff for a reason. I'm hoping to find out just why this time. LOL! I'm hoping he will reveil it to me. I'll keep you posted! Blessings to you all!

This is not my basement! But...it could be!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Build The Church. com

Hey if you want to listen to a podcast program go to www.buildthechurch.com They just featured my cd and I'm on Show #90. I haven't done my interview with them yet because I'm swamped with the diva retreat and dinner coming up. All the Christian D.I.V.A.s have been featured through the month. It's a pretty cool show! Leah www.joyfulsoundrecords

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A small update!

Well...I knew that I would be bad at this! I also knew that I'd feel guilty for not keeping it going. It's the "not letting anyone down thing"! The funny thing to this is...I'm not sure who's even reading this if anyone! Talk about having unnecessary GUILT! LOL!

Here's a small update on what's been going on. I've been busy doing concerts on the weekends, getting ready for the Christian D.I.V.A.s retreat and dinner showcase that's coming up June 23. Mega time doing that! Then in the middle of everything I got this e-mail about recording again. Totally out of the blue and totally a God thing! I'm going to be doing a more acoustic cd which is what I really do best. But...not only that I'm going to do something I've been running from. In music we all have a style that we lean towards and are best at. In my heart I've always known mine but fear it because it's either loved or hated. So...I did everything from Jazz to pop and stayed clear. But...I'm giving in! I'm going back and doing an acoustic folk, country soft rock cd. Yep...country! Not cowboy country! Not twangy country but folk soft rock country.(Think Susan Ashton) I'm not country, country! But...it's hard to explain that because once you say the word country people just make up their minds.

So...I'm asking that you stick around and take a listen when it's done and let me know what you think. There should be something to listen to around Sept. So...you can make fun of me then! LOL!
Blessings to all who come to this site!