Friday, May 01, 2015

Standing on this verse today!

This is a reminder that power lives within me and my strength comes from God's leading. I am not alone but covered by the one I follow, the one I have chosen to give my life to, the one who believes in me and makes me who I am in him.

God is my all in all! There is no battle too big that will cause me to fall. God is my protector, my comforter, my healer. He along is my shield and I will stand with him.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Again I Say Rejoice!


Life isn't always going down the road we would like.  Things get in the way of our happiness, and sometimes we are just plain caught off guard.  But in everything we can still rejoice.  It might not come overnight, it might be hard to find reason to rejoice but God clearly wants us to remember him through our rough patches and difficult times.  The only way I know how to keep him fresh in my mind is to talk to him and rejoice 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Fantastic Friday - Bring Jesus With You

Whatever you might be going through, have gone through and still holding on to, I just wanted to remind my friends that Jesus truly is there for you. There is real amazing joy ahead of you as you walk through whatever it is you are walking though with Jesus.  So today, if you haven't already done this, pick HIM up along the way and take him with you!  1 Peter 1:6

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Sweetest Name I Know!

WOW, I found this in my collection of pics I have and boy did my mind go back to my childhood.  This song brought back so many memories.  I remember singing this song at the church I attend and grew up in.  It reminds me of my grandma, my church, the friends I had/have and a lot of fun times at my church.  This songs takes me back to a time where I was learning to trust God as a child and grow in him.  I can truly say that Jesus is the sweetest name I know and that he fills my every longing, and keeps me singing as I go.  This song is one of many that set the path for me in music ministry.  So many, many memories.

What song brings back memories for you? Post on my blog, I'd love to read your stories!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Psalms 46:10
Do we really even know God the way this verse reads? I mean there aren't that many words here and they are simple. Be still and know that I am God.

Christianity can be a very confusing, mixed up word for being followers of Jesus, believers of God.  The word falls under a big umbrella that covered a multitude of dysfunctions within our faith and our society.  Years ago I stopped using "I'm a Christian" unless I had to and moved to "I'm a follower of Jesus".  To me, being a Christian was too general and over used.  I wanted people to understand I had a relationship with Christ and not just some fly by night religion.  I wanted people to see a difference in my life through what I believed, who I was following, what brought JOY in my life and how I got through the journeys in my life. How did I get to this place of being a follower and handing over my whole life to the one I was following and really having a relationship with Jesus?

By being STILL and allowing Him to show me who he really was!

At 5 I asked Jesus in my heart! I truly had the faith of a child. Some people trying to tell me later in life that there was no way I could understand salvation.  They were right, I didn't understand Salvation.  I did understand God's love for me in bringing His son down to earth who died for my sins and rose again.  I did understand I had sin in my life and that I could confess those sins and I would live eternally.  All the other stuff came later and that is how God works.

Somewhere down the road I lost that child like faith.  Not over night, but small pieces over the years.  I was running from stillness and losing sight of who God was.  I was blending into what I call is a bland Christian.  I looked, acted and resembled the same weak version of what the world thinks Christianity is that so many Christians fall into. I had stopped listening for God's voice and I didn't really know Him in my life the way he wanted me to know Him.  I was shallow and not a good representation of who He was.  Then one day he caught up with me.  BE STILL! BE STILL!

God stopped me because he wanted to give me a chance to know who He was again.  I needed to be still and listen to what he was trying to tell me so he could change my path and pull me back to my child like faith.  I needed to know who he was from inside out and get back to being in a relationship with Him.  When he finally reached me I became a follower of Jesus and not just a general christian who was weak, faithless and living in hopelessness.  I began listening to him, talking to him and gave him my whole life and not just parts of it.  I didn't just see Him in my turmoil but every day.  It changed my life and how I know Him today.

Read Psalms 46:10 today and stop, sit and listen.  Listen to see if God is trying to break through and share something within you that you could be missing.  Have a BE STILL moment and see if God changes you.  I know he will!  I know because he has changed me!
Not a gifted writer just my logic for the day!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some things just don't need a explanation!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Proverbs 3:5-6 - He Will Direct Your Path!

And He will make straight your path! And He will make straight your path?

I have been a Christian since the age of five. I have trusted God and worked for Him almost my whole life. I have been what I would call a faithful servant. I love ministry and I know He called me into it. I have never questioned that, but I have struggled from time to time when to change my paths. Some things I have done have been just seasons and letting go of those seasons have been tough, what I’m suppose to do next even tougher to know.

Moving to Georgia has been an amazing journey but has left me in the wilderness. Everything I knew had changed! Where I live, people I know, my church, my surrounding and the list goes on. At the same time there were changes going on in how I was doing in ministry. What I found was, I was lost. It was almost like what I think people with children feel when their children leave home. I think they call it empty nest feelings.  I was in such a panic to figure out my life that I did what I do best. I kicked in. I started working at how to move forward, how to make things happen and find what God wanted for me. God as given me a desire and that desire sometimes overflows and doesn't always lead to the best directions for my life. Not that they are situations that are good or bad, but just maybe more waste of my time kind of things.

I am not a waiter! I don't wait to make things happen! That has always made me who I am and it has always opened doors for me. God didn't design me to wait.  That honestly isn't something I really understand and can annoy me. If I asked someone to do something, I'm not asking people to do it tomorrow. That is why I just do it myself.  You can ask my hubby, the poor guy totally understands the waiting thing and he's married to a person who is NOT a waiter.  He knows when I ask him to do something I'm probably not meaning when he finds time, or when he sees fit. I mean for him to do it now. He has no concept of time. He needs deadlines; I am more of a self-motivator. That's what makes us work well together believe it or not.

But then, a few months ago as things began to unravel in my ministries with the move, with a women's group I had and with my own personal ministry, a couple of artist friends I have said during a conversation. "Why don't you just wait to see what God might have for you?  See where He leads? Don't do anything and see if he directs your path."  WHAT? I mean that's all well and good for other people but that's not how God designed me. Had they completely forgot whom they were talking to?  He leads me through my hard work. LOL! I'm a huge believer that God expects us to show up and that we don't just stand around waiting for Him to make things happen. I know how waiting on God to make the first move works, and that doesn't get too many people in ministry very far.   Anyhow, I gave a half OK; I might do that but wasn't really committing to it.  Then somewhere after the move I just gave up. I thought OK, maybe I am supposed to wait, maybe I'm washed up and this road is now the end. So I did it, I waited and waited and waited. I also found out looking back that God was putting things, people and opportunities in front of me as I was waiting that didn't connect to anything and I wasn't really moving forward with. But over time they would begin to connect.

God began connecting me with people. Some people I didn't really know I was supposed to connect with. We had a musical connection but I just didn't see that God wanted us to connect beyond that. Not for any reason really other than I wasn't paying attention. And maybe I wasn't supposed to pay attention. I think He needed to work at this for a few months, in small steps so I could put it all together, you know let me work it out in my brain. Before I knew it, I was back in ministry. Not that I was out by all means but as the pun is used, "We're Back in Business".  God had connected me to people, ministries, and organizations and I did nothing but watch till it was time for me to engage. He carved my path as I was sitting back and trusting Him and not leaning on my own understandings. He also allowed me to look back and see that He had worked things out for the good of me. I didn't work it out but the He did. I needed to see that.

How many times have you taken a situation, a feeling or a direction into your own hands rather than just praying and waiting on God to step in for you? Proverbs 3:5-6 clearly says Trust and Acknowledge Him. Those two things will lead us down the right path. Those two things aren't that easy to apply in a heat of a moment or when changing a direction. So, this week try to apply Trusting in the Lord with ALL your heart and wait, then acknowledge Him, let Him direct your path. Life is so much easier when God is in control rather than when I am in control. He saves me from heartache, time and um, a few failures.  But most of all, waiting teaches me that I'm not all that! I need God, His leading, His strength, and His guidance. It's not always the right thing for me to be in control if I'm not allowing Him to take the wheel. We are in ministry together and together we shall work. When He says wait, I will wait!

Just thought I would pass along my personal lesson for the week. :)