Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 - Another Blog To Start The Year seems as though I'm right here every year at this time trying to start a blog journey. Only to give it up right after I post my first January blog. So, I won't make any promises to be better about this, but just give you all some personal updates. How's that for a New start to a New Year.

2010 was the most awesome ministry year. I hit over 18 different state throughout the year! I was on the road for over a month this last summer traveling with my ministry from Ohio to the west coast. Something I have always wanted to do. It was excited to see what God had in store. I met so many wonderful God filled people who walked through a lot of fire and was on their way to healing. A healing only God could do in their hearts. I was so blessed to hear so many stories and look people in the eye as they were sharing their hearts, struggles and joys. Man, that just doesn't get any better!

I also want to take this time to thank all the groups, organizations and churches that took a risk in having me in. In a time when money is short for everyone, faith is a little weaker to some and doors aren't as wide open as they use to be, you brought me in. You followed your heart, you stood strong and you moved forward to growing towards God's plans for your groups and your own personal lives and didn't allow anything to get in the way. I always say that God is so much better than money but sometimes money is so hard to get past. Satan has a stronghold to our pocketbooks and sometimes getting past that is tough. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share with your groups or church. It was such a blessings to me and along the road in 2011 I grew from it. I learned that God has a lot of love and it shines through his people. That sometimes people will let me down but it's OK! That things I don't always understand just aren't for me to understand but none the list God is still in control. I learned although I'm in ministry God uses that ministry too, to reach me, grow me and teach me. It is about me at times! LOL! I give and God gives back though you all! I love that!

This year also came with some scary moment. Easter this year my husband was in the hospital. Many of you don't know that he has a heart condition that he picked up when I was tour with him in South Africa. 2011 his heart wasn't doing so well and it landed him in the hospital. That began our journey to healthy living for both of us. I'm glad to report that my husband(Jan) has bounced back 100% since April! His heart is doing really well and he's walking, biking, exercising and I can't keep up with him. But, that journey in April stopped my world for a few weeks. I wasn't sure how I was going to get through my husbands illness. I had fear I never knew before. Fear I never want to know again but fear that will probably come into my life at some point again. Fear is something we all have at one point or another. We can deny we have it, we can cover it up, we can lie we don't have it or we can step up to the plate and simple say...YES, I do have fear. What's important is what we do with that fear. If we hold on to it, it will bring us down. If we walk with Jesus and give it to him to carry we live a fuller life and allow him more control.

What do you have in your life that's controlling you or bringing you to fear? Today, you can hand it over and allow God to hold on to it. I'm not saying you walk completely fearless. I'm just saying you allow God to be your partner in this fear and allow him to comfort you, to direct you and to lead you down the right path. Things are going to happen in our lives that we simple aren't going to have control over anyhow so why not just allow God to have the control that we don't have. It will make our lives so much easier, bring more joy, more hope and more trust. I learned that in 2010. That right there brings me to a better 2011. Are you ready to have a better 2011 simply by letting God be your guide? We can all do this together. We can all join in and say...I'm working with God to make my future better than my past. I hope and pray you take my challenge for your life today.

I'm excited about 2011 as you can see and I want you all to be just as excited. Leave 2010 behind and move on with God as your driver.



(P.S...look for a NEW CD for 2011) - GOOD DAY!