Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Sorry Was That A Truck That Just Hit ME?

I love it when you are going along thinking life is great and all is well and then bam! In one moment everything changes. How come that happens? Why do we have to have ups in our lives and downs? I'm an even keel kind of person, well at least I think so. I don't like things going up and down for a lot of reason. I sure hope tomorrow is different. I know I'm being vage just don't want to go into it but man I had no idea that this thing was going to hit me so hard like a truck hitting a wall.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Denmark! a few days I'm headed for Denmark! Like Denmark, Europe. My hubby is from there and his parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary! Yeah, for them! That's an accomplishment anyone should be proud of these days!

The flight is long and once we get there it will rain alot and be cold but one thing I can be sure of, we'll have great food. I love danish food. Other than fish there isn't much I don't like. One thing I like is Danish Hot Dogs! They are nothing like American Hot Dogs. They are so great! Hard rolls and liver pate'(yeah sorry for that) is one of my favorites too.

I'm singing over there. I've been requested for the party to sing something. I still haven't as of yet decided what that should be. I hope I can figure it out before I leave. LOL!

Next month I head out on tour. I'll be heading to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. If you are in those area's please let me know. I'd love to meet you.
Blessings to you all! LOL! That might just only be me the typer! LOL!