Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Givings A Pleasure!!!!!

Well...since my hubby is a radiologist and reading MRI's is what he does I thought this was kind of interesting!
So...what's your take on this?

Donating money to charity can feel good – and now there’s new evidence to prove it. The regions of the brain associated with pleasure light up when you give, according to researches at the University of Oregon. Details are in the journal Science. They say brain-imaging technologies like MRI’s may allow economists to uncover more unknown facts about human behavior and motivation that were previously hidden. These parts of the brain have previously associated with the brain's response to rewarding stimuli, such as taking street drugs or viewing pictures of loved ones.

I'm starting this over once again!

I'm thinking about moving my blog from there to here! For a lot of different reasons. No need getting into that but...I wanted to see if this was still working. Post a comment and let me know! I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow night! I can't wait! I'm more than ready! I'm excited and really looking forward to the down time.