Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ever Feel Like This?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today is THURSDAY!

Yesterday I thought was Thursday. I was in a panic because I had so much to do before getting ready for the concerts this weekend. As soon as I put my head to the pillow I realized that...I still have one more day before Friday. I have no idea what I was thinking. LOL! All that fret for nothing! So...that made me think...Do we sometimes just look for stuff to fret about? If you are reading this you have GOT to know that I'm not a deep writer! My messages are simple and that's how I am on stage. Have you ever heard of KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid)? That's my moto. If I can get it... anyone can! God didn't make us to be fretters! We say we put our trust in him and the first sign of trouble we cave. Yesterday I was freting over nothing. A whole day my mind had something on it, it didn't need to have. What a waste of brain space! Not only wasn't even something to fret over! Wasn't life threating,wasn't going to change the world,wasn't going to change my life style or my ministry. So...why did I choose to do that? I'm guessing because it was easy to focus on the negative and not the postive. If I would have stopped long enough and listened God probably would have showed me it was Wednesday but...he couldn't break through. I wouldn't let him until I finally rested my mind and as soon as I did he spoke! Sometimes we just need to stop...and be quiet! God speaks in quiet moments! So...take time to just be quiet! He wants to talk to you need to listen!


Almost makes you want to talk to him! LOL!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Concerts This Weekend!

Well...I'm back out! This Friday I'm at "Evelyn Bay" in Temperance. Saturday night I'm at the "Higher Rock Cafe" in Westland, MI. Two long events back to back. It should be fun and hopefully inspiring. If you are around those areas come join me. If you are reading this please pray! You just never know what's in store and who God just might bring my way.


CLOSING THE BOOK OF DANIEL NBC is dumping its controversial series The Book of Daniel. The show will not even air the last of its scheduled 8 episodes. It told the story of a pill-popping Episcopal priest coping with his dysfunctional family. The Book of Daniel was a distant third during its time slot.

Sunday, January 22, 2006



Yesterday our church had a small music conference. They brought in Paul Black from Northridge Church around the Detroit area. He asked us all "How many of you feel you are Volunteers?" ok...."How many of you feel you have a calling from God?" I've never looked at anything I've done as just a volunteer position! I've always known that God has called me to serve. I have a passion for it and a burden to do it.
Sometimes I let people get in the way of that! I lose site of it and I'm confused by it! Yes... Confused! Because I forget whom I'm serving! I wished I didn't but every now and then I lose my focus. It's so easy to blend serving God and Church together. But it's not the same! I can't be all things to all people but...I try! I try so hard it becomes blurry in my mind how to make it all work. How to give a piece of me to everyone one and come out on top. My mind knows this won't work but my heart keeps trying. I hate letting people down.
Then there's the "I don't measure up thing". I work hard to not buy into it. Most of the time It works for me but there are days I let people get the best of me. It's really what my ministry is about! Getting people to understand their value in what God called them to do. So...why do I struggle with something I know I shouldn't?

Because if I struggle with it I become ineffective! Satan has ahold of the one area I can shine for Jesus. If I can't focus on what God called me to do then...I can't be of much use to God. Satan knows where to attack everyone where they are the weakest. He knows my weakest place! I hate that! But...the good news is...I don't stay weak for long. I can recognize him quicker now. I'm going to let people down! People are going to let me down! I need to place myself in the hands of God and forget about all the other garbage that gets in the way. The only one I need to please is God! The maker of me! The one who called me and promised me years ago to not leave me by myself in this ministry thing! I can't go wrong putting my trust in HIM!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

So...Pastors! What do you think?

I found this over at Garrett News. I thought I would post it since well...this is a blog and maybe there are pastors lurking. So...let me know. Interesting! OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNDER FIRE An Oklahoma pastor's blog is creating controversy within Southern Baptist ranks. The Southern Baptist International Missionary Agency is already taking steps to throw Wade Burleson off their board. They say Burleson has broken a trust by writing about a meeting on his blog. Burleson is pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma and has criticized the denomination for being ideologically driven to cleanse its ranks of dissenting opinions beyond liberalism. When Southern Baptists meet in North Carolina this June, the will decide whether to approve his removal from the board. BURLESON'S BLOG BURLESON'S CHURCH BAPTIST STATE CONVENTION STATEMENT

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


How long has it been since you sat down and thought about the sin that has entered in your life? If you are like haven't given it much thought because you haven't killed anyone or you don't curse or drink or smoke or whatever you think makes you a good person. You go to church, you pray and you basically love people. But...everyday we do something stupid. We say something we shouldn't, we watch something we shouldn't and last but not least we THINK something we shouldn't. AH...the mind! I can hold all my thoughts so no one knows just whats on my mind! I can hate and not say it! I can harm and not do it! I can envy and no one will know. Well no one but.....God! If all of this builds over time and goes unnoticed it begins to eat at our soul. We need to clean it out. We need to take it to God and ask for forgiveness. Don't think you are sinless! No one is! Some sins are easy to spot, others are not! Take a good look at yourself... you might see something you've missed. Sin is funny that way!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


“In the past, I struggled with the ‘What I'm Not’ concept, yet God was calling me. I was sure that if He was calling me, He must be expecting the best. I told Him: ‘I am just me.’, avoiding my calling as I worked at being the best. Then God asked me this question: ‘What is "the best" in your eyes’? I didn't have an answer. I just knew I didn't want to let Him down.” Once Leah reconciled the fact that God was looking at her heart and her attitude rather than her music industry status or her pursuit of perfection, her ministry took off. As she put it: “It's not about how much talent you possess but what you do with what you have been given. I figured out a little biblical secret and I want to pass it on.” Quoting portions of the lyrics from “What I’m Not’: “‘What I'm Not’ is really ‘Who He Is’ and ‘What I Want to Be’, because.... ‘Where I'm at’ is ‘Where He Is’ and ‘He Loves Me for Me’ and ‘For What I'm Not’. That is way cool! Give it a moment to sink in. You'll get it!”


I have no idea why I'm up so early today! But...I am! It's a time for me to reflect and understand that God's listening in my time of quiet. Which I don't have much! I'm gearing up to be on the road again. Working with churches through my concerts. I'm going to be busy from now to next Christmas. I can't wait to do what God called me to do and yet..I can't look to far ahead and think how busy I'm going to be. Pray I stay focused and in the direction God has called me.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today I have been married to hubby for 22 years. In a world that can't stay together for 5 minutes I'm proud that I never hung it up when I could have or given up just because it was the easier thing to do. You don't know what you have until you move passed that 5 minutes and really learn about each other. That doesn't come over night and takes years. People miss the whole reason for marriage because they just simply give up to easy. I love you Janny! Even when I'm mad! LOL! I also know that you love me and I'm glad that God sent a guy my way that believes in him. I'm glad I didn't take second best and held out for a Godly man! Ok...was that good! LOL!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006



This is the time of year when people start tuning out. Depression creeps in. Christmas is over, families go home, nothing to look forward to. January is a no nothing month. But...God is with us! All the time! Sometimes though we choose to not include him and then blame him. Use this month to draw closer to him. If you feel those blues let him know. Don't turn from the other person who gets YOU! Draw close! This season doesn't last long it just feels like it!

Sunday, January 01, 2006